Delight 2012

Delight 2012 is a Dare Not Miss!


Delight 2012 LogoISITE Design is hosting their 8th annual user experience event,  Delight 2012. Formerly known as Love at First Website, Delight 2012 looks to continue the spirit of revealing front line user experience tales, case studies and strategies from leading companies with proven track records in the digital space.  Delight will be held October 18th, 2012 at the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. (Register using code TMM12 and save 30% now!)

If user experience on the web has any impact on what you do (and it should), Delight 2012 is a dare not miss.  This year, the event features great minds from Mt. Hood Meadows, the Portland Trail Blazers, and Nordstrom Innovation Labs.  Hear how these prominent companies tackle the challenges of user experience design and learn from their success stories.

Following a keynote from ISITE’s own digital strategist, Dave Wieneke, the day begins with Jen Rubio of Warby Parker.  Jen oversees all social media, editorial strategy and campaigns at the innovative eyewear company – Warby Parker.  She has also spent years working for big brands and start-ups alike, including MTV, Estee Lauder, and Disney.

Also on the schedule is Building the Culture of WOW with Jill Nelson, founder of Ruby Receptionists, an innovative virtual receptionist services provider, and Dave Tragethon, Executive Director of Sales, Communications and I.T. for Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort will be there to discuss how UX and digital strategy has had an impact on users and business overall.

We all love case studies, right?  Then dare to Delight in case study driven conversations with the Nordstrom Innovation Lab and the Portland Trailblazers.

The Nordstrom Innovation Lab Team
The Nordstrom Innovation Lab Team

The Nordstrom Innovation Lab is a lean start-up operating inside Norstrom with the goal of validating discoveries in response to customer problems and strives for creative, human-centered solutions that are desirable, feasible and viable.  Through their design-led innovation process, they incorporate mindsets from Design Thinking, the Lean Startup, Agile and Lean Manufacturing.

Dan Harbison, the Senior Director of Digital at the Portland Trail Bazers, strives to innovate in the digital space and is regarded as one of the top digital marketing visionaries in sports.  Some of the “digital firsts” that Dan and his team have achieved include: the first sport to launch a stand alone social network, first team to have a Twitter handle, the first team to stream games live online, and the first team to launch a video platform that has daily live programming specific to the coverage of the team.

In our ever-changing digital landscape, disruptors open doors to new strategies and tactics and challenge the status quo in digital marketing.  Nat Parker of GlobeSherpa, Brian Kalma of Gemvara, and Jeanne Turner of Awesome Portland have been assembled as a panel of disruptors to discuss their experiences and perspectives in this digital climate.

The final segment of the day will consist of an interactive exercise.  Not to let the proverbial “cat out of the bag”, ISITE Design has left this portion of the day as a bit of a surprise.  No doubt, it will dare to Delight.

Following the event, there will be a wine reception for networking and quality conversations. If last year is any indication, this can be as valuable as the content presented and it’s going to be lively and fun!

If you are involved in digital marketing and user experience, this collection of speakers and the format ISITE Design has coordinated should entice you.  There are a ton of conferences and events on the calendar this month, but Delight 2012 is one of those you dare not miss!

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