Joe Snell PDX - Final Deployment

Joe Snell PDX


Joe Snell PDX - Final DeploymentThis post provides a framework for describing the processes behind building my website and my utilization of responsive website design techniques.   As I steer towards taking my career to the next level, I felt it critical to spend some time developing my brand and a website that represented my capabilities as a front-end developer.  My portfolio site is an evolutionary project that will continue to showcase my abilities and allow me to test emerging web development techniques.

My website is built in WordPress with a focus on using CSS over JavaScript when possible and attention given to small to large screen UX design.

Look for writings in my blog relating specifically to my processes in putting this site together.  I will be sharing the following topics:

  • The Design Process
  • My Workflow: Using SCSS, CodeKit & Sublime Text 2
  • Toggle Navigation with No Javascript
  • Off Canvas Navigation with No Javascript
  • Combining Navigation Patterns
  • Post Navigation
  • How I Utilized JavaScript
  • Building the WordPress Theme
  • My Workflow: Using SCSS, CodeKit & Sublime Text 2

Additionally, I will document future updates and improvements I make to the site – when I have time!  Some of those updates I intend to pursue include Responsive and High Resolution Images, SVG Utilization, Implementation of Touch Gestures, HTML5 Canvas Utilization, Geolocation Utilization, and Application Cache Utilization.

I greatly appreciate any comments or feedback you may have regarding my site.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look.