Advanced Medical

Advanced Medical

The website build for Advanced Medical was a bit different than most projects I’ve been used to building. There were some specific requirements I needed to accomplish in order to meet the needs of the client.

Client Requests:

  • CSS must be built on top of a layer of Bootstrap.
  • Hard coded forms, components and content built to work with their custom ATS with the ability to transfer data to a leads database and tempBase.
  • Particular tracking data, cookies, and session variables set from url strings, form submissions and more.
  • Tracking data sent to their custom ATS, leads database and tempBase via tracking pixels and other mechanisms.
  • Custom design requirements and requests.
  • This is one of the few builds where our team was NOT involved in the job board or ATS. These was built by the team at Advanced Medical and I integrated the website with them.

Although some of these requests may not have been the best for performance, they were important to the client and I successfully achieved their build goals and requirements.

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